Sable (Always a Bridesmaid - Book 12)


Sable has been a bridesmaid more times than she can count, and now she’s the only single girl left, something her interfering family just doesn’t understand. Sable is a dedicated pediatrician whose crazy hours get in the way of finding her perfect guy… until her shift in the ER brings her face to face with Kristopher Lee, the PA assigned to work with her. Kristopher is a retired military guy who needed a change in his life, so becoming a PA fed into his need to help people. When he meets Sable, sparks fly, but he wonders if his wounded heart is ready to finally take a chance on another woman. The problem? Sable has sworn off workplace romances because they never work out – but can this relationship be the exception to the rule?

One can never really go wrong reading a Peggy Jaeger story, and this one is no exception. No matter what genre or sub-genre Ms. Jaeger writes, she manages to knock it out of the park. The steam content in this tale is low, yet one doesn’t miss the steamy scenes because the sparks she includes and the emotions she evokes have the reader pulled so deeply into the tale that it’s not missed. Both Sable and Kristopher are wonderfully developed characters, and readers will feel for both of them as they try to face their pasts and forge a future together. Their relationship progresses realistically and believably, and readers will be rooting for them to succeed. Sable’s family provides some great humorous moments, and Kristopher’s military friends add extra depth. A perfect tale to curl up with in the evening!

Piper Valentine