Running the Numbers (Long Shot Romance, #3)


Sadie Felix is ambitious and determined to get the promotion at work to Chief Accountant. However, with her ex constantly causing trouble at work, now is not the time to feel attracted to Blake Cobb, the new audit director. Blake has gone through a series of divorces and longs for better days., He has no interest in Sadie, a mirror image of a former love, no matter how much he likes being with her. When an interoffice romance with the boss’s daughter goes wrong, some discrepancies turn up in the accounts, and the fight for the Chief Accountant position comes to a head - and both Sadie and Blake will have to decide what happiness really is.


An office romance that makes accounting exciting, “Running the Numbers” is full of characters with complexity and depth. Although the romance is somewhat predictable and Blake’s tendency to compare the women in the office to his exes is enough to make the reader want to slap him a few times, Ms. Smith does an excellent job of building up Sadie so that the reader will sigh with happiness at the end. While the mystery surrounding the missing money lacks the intrigue or complexity to make this book stand out, it does successfully add to the romance conflict without bogging it down, which combined with the steady pace makes this a great stand-alone read or good addition to the series.


Sarah E. Bradley