Round Up (Lost Creek Rodeo Book 1)

Rebecca Connolly, Sophia Summers,
Heather B. Moore

WESTERN: Two broken hearts, both experiencing a loss of a life they once knew. Talia James is lost in the depths of grief and is unsure how to continue to live after the death of her only child, Austin. That is, until her cousin shows her an ad for the Broken Heart Ranch, a retreat for women to heal. Talia arrives at the ranch with hopes of healing, but gains much more. Ryan Prosper is half owner and ranch hand at the Broken Heart Ranch, and he is also experiencing his own loss; the loss of his career as a well known bull rider and is having a hard time moving on - until Talia shows up on the steps of the ranch. Ryan and Talia begin a friendship as Talia works through the loss of her son.  As their friendship builds into a blossoming romance, both find healing. Talia learns that by just taking a single step, healing is possible, but so is so much more. 

Rebecca Connolly, Sophia Summers, and Heather B. Moore have woven a story that builds smoothly and effortlessly, bringing the readers along on a journey of friendship, love, loss, and healing. The authors are gifted in creating characters who catch the heart and attention of the reader, and leave one wanting more. Readers will experience waves of emotions from sadness and empathy, to laughter, love and joy. This story is tender, sweet and worth every moment. Readers will find the time that they spend reading this western romance is well worth it and yearn for more! Undeniably delightful from start to finish.

Heather Kroll