Roping Love


Carrie Stewart is content. She has her business, breeding and training horses, her family is near her and she is happy. And then fate (with the help of her nephew) throws her back into the path of Chance Ryan. Ten years ago, they had a thing – a beautiful, amazing thing. And then he left without a word of warning. Somehow, she got over him, or at least she thought she did, but her illusions were shattered when they finally meet again. And is seems Chance isn’t willing to let her go again. This time, he’s playing for keeps.

Tamara Hoffa made "Roping Love" a truly sweet reunion story. It's always pleasurable to see two people who are meant to be together find their way to one another, even more so if they do it after believing their chance has passed them by. Carrie and Chance are intriguing characters who really deserve a full-length novel of their own. 


And therein lies the problem. The story is just too short. The entire premise is based on their shared past and love affair, and little is shown about it. That makes believing that their love is strong difficult. Nevertheless, the story has a lot of elements that simply can’t be resisted: a second chance at love, a cute kid, and of course – cowboys!


Ana Smith