Rock’n Tapestries (Rock'n Tapestries #1)


Chelsea Whitaker is a hard-working girl and loves her job at one of the hottest clubs in Philadelphia, where her coworkers are more like family than friends. Chelsea is saving up to pay off her car and get her own apartment. On Friday nights, Tapestries is booked with the hottest bands and Chelsea puts up with the long hours to make some really great tips.  The night The Dirty Turtles play, though, she takes dish-duty to avoid Asher Pratt, a band member and past love that she has not seen in years.  She would love to keep it that way.  When a faulty freezer door captures Chelsea in a frozen cave, however, it's her ex that comes looking for her and rushes her to the hospital.


Ms. Copell sure has a talent for spinning a story!  This tale includes so many twists and turns that will keep readers hanging on until the very end. The story line and characters are wonderfully woven together and bring readers into the inner circle for a front row seat. The emotions that surface will have many reaching for tissues. The transition from Asher to Chelsea’s new love, Tage, seems abrupt though, and the connection lacks deep emotion.  Rock'n Tapestries is the first in a new series and of course stands alone; however many will want to get the next book to see how the story progresses. Sex, love and Rock'n'Roll are rolled up in one very neat package!


Julie Caicco