On the Road to Love


ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Blindsided by a divorce that comes out of the blue, Stacey Brown goes home to Florida for a vacation. Her mother sends her a picture of Stacey with her childhood friends, Olivia and Candace. Stacey sends them on to the other women and before long, they have planned a road trip together. The only catch? Olivia and Candace hate each other. Stacey believes she can restore their friendship and doesn’t tell one about the other going on the trip until they are all together. Then the fireworks fly!  Stacey’s mother also gives Gavin Kingsley her phone number. She took piano lessons from his mom, and Gavin would sing naughty versions of the songs while she played. Stacey always thought of him as a brat and is dismayed at him having her number. But when they meet again face to face, it is instant attraction!

“On the Road to Love” portrays a woman desperate for the love of friends and family, who finds the love of a good man on the way. This is a good, clean romance, fun to read, with endearing characters. The dialogue is excellent; extremely expressive, it gets the ideas and feelings across. Although they are important secondary characters, Olivia and Candace are not as filled out or have as much depth as one would hope to see.  The story starts out slow and drags for the first few chapters before the tale hits a nice pace that pulls the reader into the story. A worthy read, it is full of laughs as the girls travel back into one another’s hearts.  

Belinda Wilson