The Right Temptation


Living in her South Florida hometown and working as an RN at a prominent hospital, Kayla Martinez’s life is nearly the way she wants it. When her teenage crush Nico LaCosta is brought to the ER during her shift, it’s a chance to finally win the man of her dreams. Nico is her brother’s childhood friend, making her off-limits. 

Injured at his contracting job, Nico’s on medical leave. When Kayla shows up at his door all grown up and smoking hot, he’s unprepared for how hard he finds it to resist her. Though they made out as teens, Nico is determined to respect the bro-code and keep his hands off of Kayla, because he is uninterested in serious relationships. 

The Right Temptation is a no-frills, by-the-numbers, girl seduces boy, romance. Kayla and Nico make a fiery match with sizzling chemistry, witty/sarcastic banter, and sweet affection. Kayla is sassy, confident, and patient. Nico, a macho, womanizer, is scared how much he wants more than just sex from Kayla. While it has nicely developed sexual chemistry and interactions, there is not enough depth, conflict or layers to the characters or story to make it fresh and engaging enough to fully connect. Nico’s self-esteem issues from his father’s abandonment are raised but not explored in much depth. Why Kayla is so head over heels for Nico, aside from his sexual appeal, is never explored. However, readers looking for a quick, steamy, angst/conflict-free, story might enjoy this quick, entertaining and this sexy read.

Lacy Hill