Reunion in October


Emily is burned out. Her job is high-stress, her kids are draining her energy, her marriage is little more than a cursory obligation, and her dog looks ready to keel over. When did life get so out of control? When did her dreams turn into a daily dose of exhaustion and disappointment? She’s on the verge of a breakdown. So when fate pushes a reset button, she’s forced to choose what will stay and what has to go.

Francesca has achieved her dreams. She’s a successful doctor, a confident woman, and doesn’t have to depend on anyone for anything. So why does she feel so empty? Maybe because she’s wondering if she’s worthy of love. It’s been a while since her fiancé walked out on her, but she still feels as if fate has cursed her to be alone.


Yes! This is the kind of book one tells their friends about. This is the kind of book one closes with a sigh of satisfaction. Ms. Ardito’s characters are real, raw, and refreshing. Her stories of trial and triumph renew one's belief that the mountain is so worth the climb. The beginning nearly causes one to roll one's eyes with thoughts of “another one of those books.” BUT with grit and gumption, Ardito shows one how it should be done. Her story will touch every weary heart and prod them to persevere. Huzzah to you, and thank you for sharing!  


Sofia St. Angeles