Reunion for the First Time

K. M.

Lizzie Moran and Jack Clark both want one thing: to lift Jack’s brother Charlie from the morass of pain he has been trapped in since the death of his beloved wife Mari.  When Charlie makes a commitment to Lizzie that he can’t keep, he asks his brother to step in for him and so the reluctant couple end up going to Lizzie’s college reunion together.  

The sparks that fly between Lizzie and Jack are fizzled by the plot manipulations that keep them apart.  Misunderstandings abound and at times the reader is frustrated by the fact that two intelligent people seem unable to communicate even simple ideas to each other without misunderstanding.  Plot driven, Lizzie and Jack are never given a chance to organically grow into their romance and become a believable couple.    

The author’s strength lies in the fact that although formulaic, the prose and timing of the same is strong enough to overcome the plot’s shortcomings and still make for an enjoyable read.   Despite their lack of substance, Lizzie and Jack are compelling enough to hold the reader’s interest.  One can’t help but be excited about the fantastic stories that will come from this author once she finds her true voice.  

“Reunion for the First Time” is an undemanding bit of escapism which should be read with a cup of tea by a warm fire on a cold day – a bit of ‘comfort reading.’

Gwenellen Tarbet