Return to Glebe Point (Glebe Point Series)


After leaving Glebe Point, Charlene Morrison returns to rebuild her life after an abusive relationship left her a shell of the woman she once was. She opens a cupcake shop in an effort to rebuild her life. She doesn’t bank on sexy estate agent Cooper Barone owning the business next door to her. Whenever they see one another, they can barely keep their hands to themselves. Cooper can see that Charlie has issues, but despite his best efforts, he can’t keep away from her. When their relationship deepens, Charlie can see a little light on the horizon. Her happiness is short lived when her past comes back to haunt her. 


“Return to Glebe Point” is one of those books to curl up and read in front of a warm fire or when sitting in the sunshine on vacation. There is immediate sympathy for Charlie as she tries to put her life together, coupled with the excitement in her meetings with Cooper. Most of the story development moves along at a comfortable pace, making it a relaxing and enjoyable read - although there are times when it could have moved a little quicker. The main characters are opposites of one another. Charlie is trying to rebuild her life and comes across as somewhat shy; however, Cooper is the typical alpha male, brash and strong. It makes for a very good story. The dialogue between the two is fun and flirty, however Cooper is serious when he needs to be.


Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick