Rescuing the Prince (Royal Secrets)


Adrianne spots a man stranded beside his car on a virtually abandoned road. In a rush and against her better judgment, she stops to see how she can help. She is shocked when the man pulls his sunglasses down to reveal he is Prince Henry Somerset! Adrianne heads a reading program at the Castlebridge Community Medical Center for underprivileged children who have been hospitalized long term. Without funding, the program will fold. Prince Henry agrees to sponsor the program but gets flack from his royal parents who finally agree he can have a fundraiser for the program. Adrianne is ecstatic and stops looking for other sponsors. Every time Adrianne and Prince Henry touch, they feel electricity up and down their arms. Are the commoner and the prince meant to be? Or is Adrianne just a "flash in the pan" for Prince Henry?

“Rescuing the Prince” has a nice, creative beginning, with a commoner meeting the very prince on whom she has had a crush since she was eight. The plot is creative and fun and adds a touching aspect that calls attention to childhood cancer and the problems those children have keeping up with school. The story drags, however, as so much time is spent in the minutia of day to day life that has nothing to with pushing the plot forward. This leaves little time for character development or definition. This happens, not only with the main characters but secondary characters, as well. For instance, There is frequent mention of Adrienne's brothers and how involved they are in her life but this is not reflected in the tale. Also, little things like Adrianne obsessing too much over if the prince remembers her from the past are given more attention that is needed..  Still, “Rescuing the Prince” is a sweet, light story that royal fans can read in an evening and go to sleep happy!

Belinda Wilson