Rescued by That New Guy in Town

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Kristin Prima is working her way out of a bad relationship with Wally the Weasel and the bankruptcy he has left behind with the ruin of her heart. Doing volunteer community service backfires on Halloween when the punch is spiked and Kristin wakes up in total darkness. After fumbling in the dark, she is rescued by Captain Blood, known at his day job as Ryan Hazzard. It is not until she is rescued that we are told her name which may throw some readers off. And Ryan has more than one long story. A tidbit of character that at first is enticing and yet becomes irritating and overly used.

This book is written in first person. J.L. Salter has a knack for weaving a vast vocabulary into the pages of the story. The author tells an interesting tale, if the reader doesn't need a story goal or even active forward movement of the main character. Unfortunately at times, Kristin's character comes off feeling insipid and weak. Salter moves the characters from one humorous incident to the next while leaving the reader to wonder who they should be rooting for and why. The scenes are engaging and imaginative, but the author seems to be unable to find suitable adjectives to describe Kristin's emotions.  Still, it is entertaining and quite an enjoyable read.


Erin Murdock