The Rescued Heart


Ellen Ross, a widowed mother of two young adults, is looking for a change when a family friend invites her to accompany him to Basel, Switzerland. Basel is renowned for its art - and it doesn't disappoint.  In fact, she meets a youthful Swiss artist, Christian Karl. Christian offers excitement and a step away from her rigid upbringing when he invites her to pose for a portrait. Captivated by his artistic values she succumbs to his seduction. The afternoon not only momentarily sets her free of the lifestyle that stifles her, but rescues her heart which she believes had died with her beloved husband. She leaves Switzerland and Christian behind, thinking that what happens in Basel will stay in Basel... but actions always have their consequences.


Madeleine McDonald pens a novel with characters that live and breathe of her homeland!  Her main character feels weak at first, but she consistently grows as the reader turns the pages.  The author does an admirable job of painting a deliciously believable villain in Phillip.  Unfortunately at times the story feels contrived, with a few twists that seem a little too convenient. 


Overall though, this fall/summer romance is a refreshing change of pace that rises above the typical dynamic.  McDonald paints vibrant scenes from Switzerland's green to the tiny studio of an artist to the landscape of coast and rills and a comfortable home in Scotland. 


Shaunna Gonzales