For Rent (The Apartment Manager Series)


CHICK-LIT:  Cambria Clyne's life is a bonafide mess. She needs a boyfriend, a job and a place to live and not necessarily in that order. Having been unemployed for six months and facing eviction, becoming the apartment manager of a Los Angeles complex seems like the answer to the single mom's prayers. The job comes with quite a few benefits - a beautiful place for her daughter to play, a pool, a bedroom she doesn't have to share and a hot maintenance man named Chase. Unfortunately, her arrival coincides with a crime spree in the apartment complex. Willing to do whatever it takes to keep her job, Cambria turns would-be sleuth. Can she crack the case, or will her amateur detective skills get her in too deep?

“For Rent” is a one of a kind, genre-busting tale. An unforgettable story with plenty of oddball characters, this romp through apartment manager hell is uproariously funny. In this second installment of “The Apartment Manager” series, readers will be struck by the novelty of both the characters and the storyline. Cambria Clyne is a fantastic character. She's fun, quirky and extremely relatable. While some readers may become frustrated with Cambria’s seeming lack of regard for her own safety at times, the hilarious dialogue and laugh-out-loud situations more than make up for her naive behavior. The highly descriptive writing style and the tight pacing will have one flying through the pages to find out what other shenanigans Cambria gets into. Erin Huss is certainly one to watch!


Chantel Hardge