Remember the Night: A Heroes of the Night military romance novel


Ev is newly divorced and her sister’s wedding is bittersweet for her, at best. To make matters worse, at the rehearsal dinner, she bumps into Cody, the man she had a one night stand with in India! She fears this is going to lead to an awkward weekend. Cody has never stopped thinking about Ev and now he knows that she is divorced and available, will Ev stop playing games with him and play right into his waiting arms?


Two strong characters make this a novel worth investing in, as Cody makes it his new duty to capture Ev’s heart. Both Ev and Cody have depth to them as does her sister, Mel and her husband, David. The plot is engrossing and there are several subplots running along with the main story that makes it an even more interesting read. The only concerning matter is with Ev. She is very insecure, and plays the “come here, go away” game with Cody throughout the book. Ms. Leiren's writing flows beautifully and makes this novel one that is hard to put down. This is the second in a series, but is a wonderful stand-alone book. 


Belinda Wilson