The Reinvention of Mimi Finnegan


ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Mimi Finnegan thinks of herself as the least accomplished of her three sisters: the model turned fashion designer, the brain of the family, and the athlete. Mimi’s podiatrist has implied that she, the sister with the "prettiest feet", needs to lose fifteen pounds. Working for the Pipsy branch of Parliament, a PR firm, she is surrounded by a small town mentality. Renée, Ginger, and Muffy are all romantically involved and would like nothing better than to find someone for their sister as well.  Enter Elliot Fielding - but circumstances really start to change when Mimi runs into Kevin Beeman at a Weight Watchers meeting.


This charming fictional story is told in the first person through Mimi's eyes. The dynamic between the numerous characters is well-developed, as is their history with one another. The author relies on references to shows on both the big and small screen, and has Mimi talking directly to the reader at times. The plot, though not wholly original, is built in such a way that the reader is not quite sure where the story will end. They may find themselves laughing out loud; not necessarily at the characters, but the way in which they are presented.


This story is not cotton-candy sticky-sweet, and that is part of its charm. It trots along at an even pace and may give hope to readers struggling in the arena of love.


Heather R. Nielsen