Redemption (Cattenach Ranch #1)


Olivia Cattenach runs  the family ranch in Wyoming. Besides her Aunt Mae, she is the last remaining Cattenach after her brother, Justin, is killed while serving overseas. She finds herself alone and wallowing in grief — that is, until a soldier comes to her ranch saying he was a friend of Justin's. 

Nathan Roldan carries Justin’s final message to his sister. Even though he blames himself for Justin’s death, he honors his last wishes just the same. However, one look at Olivia and Nathan knows he is in trouble. He has only seen sorrow in his life and spent a lifetime building up walls against the world. However, only Olivia is able to whittle away at his defenses and try to relieve him of the never-ending guilt he carries on his shoulders. 

One of the things this novel touches on so well is the pain that soldiers go through when their fellow soldiers are killed in action. They deal with their own PTSD but sometimes they are also consumed with sorrow and guilt. Nathan’s character deals with this battle in his emotions, thinking if he were a better man, Justin would still be here. Olivia is a wonderful character who works so hard to convince Nathan of his worth, that he is a good man despite his past. As the story progresses it pulls on the reader’s heartstrings; the passion and emotion displayed adds so much depth to the story! Author Kelly Moran superbly shows the growth of both characters as they learn to love and to forgive. 

Amanda Hupe