A Record Year for Rainfall

K. Sawyer

Bret and Tess move from Canada to Las Vegas for a change. Although their relationship goes sour, they remain friends over the year that they stay in Las Vegas. Bret finds work for a blogger and does paparazzi work for him. Bret moves in with Jenny (his next love interest) and their relationship seems on track, until he uses her confidential work information for his next great photo-op. Bret is not proud of his work, but he is good at it. He makes great money but is not fulfilled. After being a part of a huge media storm with his latest photo, he loses Jenny and is not really interested in this line of work any longer and begins his plan to head back to Canada.


Although this story has a promising premise, the plot lacks depth and substance. There is not much meat to the story to keep the reader engaged. The editing and proofing is poor throughout the book and the chapters are broken and separated in a curious way that make it hard to follow the flow. Nor are the conversations always clear - thought sequences seem to get jumbled with conversations in awkward transitions. The majority of the writing itself was good, it just didn’t stay consistent.  Some rearranging, proofing and added depth to the plot would show this in a much more favorable light.

Julie Caicco