Claire is not happy. Ever since she broke up with Justin she has managed to keep their interaction at a minimum, but now that they are supposed to train the gymnasts in Justin’s gymnastics facility, there is no avoiding him. True, they are both professionals, but the strong feelings they had for each other are making the situation awkward.  Then those silly thoughts  saying maybe they could have a second chance start to intrude.

Justin isn’t pleased with the events either. Ever since Claire walked out of his life (and moved on with a fellow coach), he hasn’t been able to forget her. And now, when they are forced together, it all comes to a head. Can they, will they, make it work this time?

An interesting premise for a story – two gymnasts had a flaming relationship that crashed and burned, and now, three years later, they are reunited. Reading about the sport itself was certainly interesting, although more details wouldn’t have hurt (although not as a part of their athletic lovemaking).  The problem lies with Claire. Her reasoning was completely incomprehensible at times. The entire fiasco that broke them up was a consequence of Claire bottling up her feelings.  There is also her relationship with the other coach (a bit unbelievable), and all the jumping to conclusions that sours the reader towards her.  Justin, though, is a good and interesting hero who isn’t too afraid to show his feelings and to fight for happiness. With a more likable heroine, the story would certainly have made a much better read!

Ana Smith