Ready to Burn


Shaye Harland loves being a sous chef at Due South, Stewart Island’s hangout of choice. The unexpected homecoming of her soon to be brother-in-law, Del Westlake, throws salt into her fine cuisine when he takes over the kitchen and begins to shred her heart like cheese. After many years away, Del Westlake returns with a string of failures and a few pounds of internal baggage. He plans to use Due South to his advantage by convincing a Hollywood reality cooking show to improve the restaurant his estranged father ran for years. This could be Del’s break and a way back to Los Angeles, but what he tosses in the oven to stew doesn’t come out as expected. Shaye makes his blood sizzle and he can stick a fork in his heart, because it’s done. 


What are the best romance novels made of? One part sassy-but-realistic heroine named Shaye. Add a heavy dollop of sexy, mouthwatering, why-can’t-I-find-one-of-these-guys named Del. Stir together an edgy but sweet soufflé of happily ever after. Stick a rocket in it instead of a candle, light, and stand back for book three in the “Due South” series. Del is the most complex and maybe scarred of the Stewart Island men. Perfection comes in many shapes and forms, and Ms. Alvarez delivers in her contemporary voice and quirky character traits that makes a distinctive difference between average and stellar storytelling. The pace never slows. The entire cast of characters enriches the tale. The end, however, is the pièce de résistance for anyone who adores romance!

Natasza Waters