Read Me (Forget the Past, Book 2)


Summer Pierce is the effervescent, perpetually helpful and happy librarian who wants to help everyone; especially the mysterious Nordic god of a man that comes into her library and hides behind book forts he builds, doing who knows what. His refusal to let Summer help him do anything drives her crazy, but she keeps trying, determined to one day get behind the walls of his book fort. Cole Allemand goes to the library for more than just reference books… he has a thing for Summer, but he’s not sure how to go about getting what he wants. When he learns Summer has a huge thing for authors, he hopes that when he gets his publishing contract it will win her over, but until then, he’ll just have to open up enough to get Summer hooked on him… and his cat.

A perfect sunshine-and-grump tale that is an absolutely delightful addition to the Forget the Past series! Cole is a fascinating, multi-layered character, doing his best to overcome his past and have a successful future. There’s more to Summer than first meets the eye as well; she hides her fear and pain behind her smile. Her quirky personality will leave the reader smiling. The development of their relationship is both humorous and believable, and the secondary characters, including the stars from the first book, add more interest and sometimes heartrending plotlines. Readers will feel the gamut of emotions throughout this tale, from laughing out loud to reaching for tissues, and it will be worth every second. If one loves a second-chance-at-doing-life-right tale, this book is definitely one to add to the must-read pile! Unputdownable from start to finish!

Piper Valentine