The Pygmalion Hypnotist (Darren Braid Series)


In the continuation of the Darren Braid series, the Hero hypnotist is preparing to publish a line of erotic hypnosis CDs. Through a business contact he meets Liza Hill and her boyfriend/porn producer Scott Sunderland. Liza is a meek waif of a girl, but the producer wants her to become a dominatrix for his next movie. Darren is asked to transform Lizas personality using hypnosis. Digging in a persons mind can be as dangerous as it is redeeming, especially when the psychological shovel churns up severe abuse and sex slavery. 


While reading Pygmalion Hypnotist, suspense enthusiasts may keep one eye closed. Clucking like a chicken wont be a concern, but delving into the world of pedophiles and slavery is a topic only meant for the strong of heart. The story has a bold arc, a solid middle and a hopeful end. The investigation is written with a cohesive pattern. Character development for the most part is defined, except for Angela. Initially, a reader wonders why shes there. Possibly as a secondary thread in the plot? Yet, her part in the tale goes nowhere other than showing the difference between a stable minded adult choosing to be a slave, and the poisonous barbs left in a child that is kidnapped and given no choice. 

The author,  Angraecus Daniels, has penned a hybrid docudrama. Readers looking for steam wont find it here, but what they will find is a view into a world of choices with a clinical edge and interesting perspective. 

Natasza Waters