In Pursuit (Pursuit #1)


NEW ADULT:  Eddie has just moved to Chicago to room with Claire Grant. Eddie, short for Edith has moved from D.C. to get away from an abusive boyfriend and figures that this change will be good for her.  This cop’s daughter has no idea that she’s jumped from the frying pan into the fire with this move. Claire isn’t all that she seems in spite of what her best friend Sarah told Eddie.  Claire's brother Harris is a hunk and they are attracted to one another, but he is harboring a dark secret that he isn’t about to share with Eddie. The only people that she can trust in this windy city are Sean and his boyfriend Luke.

Although this is a romance, there is an underlying feeling of horror. Many of the characters wear one façade for the public, but have a dark side that they only allow a few elite to see. There is always a feeling that any one of the characters, with the exception of Eddie, could snap at any time. There is manipulation and deceit galore from the beginning and Eddie is way out of her element! A lot of care is put into describing what all it takes to be an interior designer. "In Pursuit" was a fabulous read with an incredible ending!  It is also the first of a two-book series that will leave readers   impatiently waiting for the next novel!

Belinda Wilson