Protecting Her Secrets (Wyn Security Book 3)


Hannah Malone wants revenge for the killing of her brother. She knows the man that is responsible and she will not rest until he pays the price. Hannah is a special agent with the FBI and has been using an informant named Leo. His brother works private security as a bodyguard and is a tech genius that she could really use on her team. Eddie is trying to keep Leo out of trouble and ends up helping Agent Malone under false pretenses. Their case quickly escalates and they are forced to pose as husband and wife. Although sparks are flying between them, they still have work to do and bad guys to contend with. Can they keep up their ruse long enough to save Leo and capture Redburn?

“Protecting Her Secrets” is book three in the Wyn Security series; however it very much stands alone. The characters are instantly interesting and both have some secrets from the past they are dealing with. The chapters flip points of view from Hannah to Eddie and keeps the plot moving with action-packed scenarios. Parts of the plot feel loose and motives are selfish and dishonest, which makes the storyline a bit unrealistic. Readers may also be disappointed with the abrupt ending. A little glimpse into how their relationship extends past the undercover work might be something more readers would appreciate. The chemistry is hot between hero and heroine and the case they are working on is creative technology for sure!

Viola Robins