Promises (Drifters #2)


Warning: While sexual content is non descriptive, this book contains scenes of sexual violence.


After many highs and lows, Jessie Wheeler has managed to find some balance in life. Her music career is taking off, and she has a chance to be with the man she fell in love with while on set, Josh. The dark days of struggle should be over, but Jessie’s past is out to get her in the form of Deuce McCall. The evil business owner is determined to possess the singer, even if it means threatening and killing Josh to do it. In order to protect the ones she loves, Jessie will have to risk everything - and even that might not be enough.


The second book in the contemporary “Drifters” series, “Promises” is full of drama, romance, and evil. Jessie and Josh are hopelessly in love, and unwittingly vulnerable to the public or even worse, their enemies. The reader becomes sucked into the story around Jessie and Josh as their love story continues, and then breaks because the superbly written Deuce McCall gets in the way. On that note, the reader might find that while Josh and Deuce are extremely well done, they might want to slap Jessie by the end of the book for her choices. In fact, the saving grace is that the dark backstory, well written cast and antagonist, all of which make the reader want to continue to read, despite wanting to bang heads together to make them get a clue. Thankfully, the next two books are out - the wait would be horrible otherwise!


Sarah E. Bradley