A Promise of Home


Branna O’Donnell has been running from her demons for a long time, but when the death of someone she considered a true friend brings her back to Lake Howling, Oregon, she returns with a bit of hope that inheriting her friend’s house can lead to peace. Unfortunately even small towns can hide trouble and when it stirs the solution comes in the form of a man who is sporting a few scars of his own. Returning home from Iraq, Dr. Jake McBride wants to forget the horrors of war and fix cars, but the town believes that it’s only a matter of time before he will return to medicine, regardless of what he thinks. Yet when Branna is injured, Jake can’t resist the urge to help the girl he never forgot, and in the process they both discover that while physical wounds heal quickly, the emotional ones take time. With sparks flying they need to either walk away or face the possibilities that love offers them both.


An emotional contemporary romance, “A Promise of Home” brings together two people with a lot of emotional baggage: one from the death of her mother and the emotional abandonment of her father, and the other from the horrors of war. The sparks that fly between the hero and heroine will draw the reader in, but interestingly, it is the side story involving the popular girl from high school that will strike a chord with some.  A wonderful story of healing and love!


Sarah E. Bradley