The Price of Revenge (The Bad Boys of Wall Street Book 1)


Axel and his brothers, Damian and Trace, earned their rags to riches lifestyle, creating Fairchild Enterprises based in New York City—new money. Eight years ago, Axel lost the love of his heart, Cora Margulis, daughter of Margulis Realty, one of the Wall Street Insiders—old money, when she ended their engagement. It nearly broke him emotionally. As the tabloids called Cora, the ‘Princess of Manhattan’ agrees to an arranged marriage and would take over as the family’s corporation CIO next quarter. Eli, Cora’s husband, wants Cora and the business, but the path he chooses could push Cora to give up everything. These Bad Boys of Wall Street are committed to charities for underprivileged groups because of their early childhood hardships. They yearn for a building owned by Margulis to establish their headquarters. Axel makes the offer on the property with Cora in the boardroom.

“The Price of Revenge” explodes on page one, painting the characters in vivid prose that ignites the senses. Axel wants to protect his soul but needs to find his heart. Tension and heat between these former lovers bubble to the surface like a fiery passion of molten lava. They clicked before, and now the heat is an inferno between them. Can they recapture the trust required to build a sustainable relationship? When media attention threatens to destroy the Fairchild’s charitable work, Cora enacts her plan, hoping it will correct all the wrongs, even if her heart breaks. Readers will board this romantic rollercoaster with New York’s wealthy in the first book of The Bad Boys of Wall Street series and wait in line for book two.

Simone Dober