Pretty Little Lies


Journalist and fashionista extraordinaire Olivia Brooks wants to start all over. Fresh divorce papers signed and car loaded for her move back home, she plans to evaluate her life and where she wants to be at the ripe old age of twenty-five. Going back to Chicago is a big step back in her mind. It’s where she grew up, where her best friend lives and where she left the true love of her life.  


Luke Easton realizes that a single mistake cost him the only woman he ever loved and all others since have paled in comparison. His focus is on getting Olivia back and nothing will stand in his way, especially not other men. Luke uses romance and a bad boy edge to prove to Olivia that he’s ready for the long haul. 


Filled with cute fashion tips doled out in a quirky manner at the beginning of each chapter, this novel explores the fun side of falling in love again when you least expect it. With her best friend Pyper by her side, Olivia’s antics and dialogue will leave readers laughing out loud. Luke’s character is at times intense and at times so sweet that it’s understandable why Olivia still has feelings for him  The author does a great job of exploring the nuances of dating for a newly single woman. Olivia’s outlook on each date adds the perfect balance. Readers will hang on each page to see what happens next!

Warning: the novel does end on a cliffhanger. 


Michelle Howard