Planning for Love

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“A good marriage is the union of two good forgivers.”
- Ruth Bell Graham

1 cup of true love
2 teaspoons of a perfect white wedding
All sprinkled with a Happily Ever After and Ivy Rhodes’ dream is complete. Ivy is a wedding planner and a hopeless romantic. There is love everywhere, and she won’t settle for anything less than a perfect union.  She tries to make everyone’s wedding day as flawless as possible, and she’s very, very good at it. So, when a TV representative comes with an offer to be in the spotlight of their new reality TV show “Planning for Love”,  she accepts it as a chance to expand her business. The only problem?  The videographer, Bennett Westcott, who is widely known as the “Painful One Night Stand”.
Ben has no intention of falling in love.  A hardcore cynic, he doesn’t see romance in weddings, he sees the probability of a divorce. But, thanks to a glitch in his career, he’s forced to work on…this. The only advantage, Ivy Rhodes. The attraction between them is sizzling!  Everything would be perfect if she didn’t have stars, weddings and babies in her eyes.  
An extremely sweet and romantic addition to the romance world! “Planning for Love” is fun, the perfect book for a rainy afternoon. However, the plot is a wee cliché and predictable, and the dialogue a bit stilted, making the characters lack the depth needed for it to become something unforgettable.  Still, if someone wants to relax and envelope herself in a world of weddings, love and fun flirtatious romance, “Planning for Love” is definitely the book!
Mimi Smith