Pause to Rewind


WOMEN'S FICTION:  Single mom Jenny Dempsey has come a long way in a few short years.  Life takes strange journeys: a broken engagement, a fight with her parents and a night with a stranger have resulted in her career as a freelance journalist and her beautiful 4 year old son, Charlie. 


They are beginning to build a life together, and Charlie is about to start school when he falls ill and is diagnosed with leukemia.  When she takes him to the hospital she is confronted with her past, but she will do anything for her son, including dealing with Dr. Simon Grace.  Not only is he Charlie's oncologist, but he holds the key both to her past and Charlie's future. 


Aimee Alexander has a wonderful way with words. Readers will be on the edge of their comfy chairs from the first page until the very last. The characters are bold and engaging but can be a little shallow in places. Ms. Alexander’s readers will love “Pause to Rewind” and will be awaiting the sequel or the next book to come out of Ms. Alexander’s writing corner. Finding an author that you can laugh with, cry with, and love with is a unique surprise and is always worth pursuing. Ms. Alexander is one of those authors and her readers will be coming back for more with each new book she produces. 

Mary-Nancy Smith