Passport to Happiness


WOMEN'S FICTION:  Growing up in a small town lacking in excitement, Jessica yearns for a life traveling the globe. Reading about the many places she wants to visit, she and her boyfriend Josh plan their lives of touring the world. After graduation she joins the State Department and her dreams of travel become a reality. However, her life veers down another path when she finds herself traveling in a different direction than Josh. New friends and adventure await her in the new places she’s stationed, including discovering purpose and finding love. Jessica soon learns that love isn’t always found where you travel, but rather where your heart leads. 


This Young Adult romance is a charming tale of a young woman’s journey to find herself, travel the world, and experience life. It starts a little slow, but it doesn’t take long for the reader to become enmeshed in this heartwarming story. There are some grammatical errors that a second round of editing would fix, but they don’t minimize the enjoyment of the story. Replete with vivid descriptions of the places traveled, one is afforded a glimpse into the life of a young adult as she searches for direction and purpose. It also touches the heart with the magic and sweetness of finding love and the choices that are made because of it. This delightful tale will have the reader turning the pages rapidly as they follow Jessica on her path to love and happiness.


Janna Shay