Palm Springs King

Claire Marti

Austin Michaels, former rock star, is now the general manager of the soon to be reopened Monroe resort in Palm Springs. Learning how to run a hotel and manage all of the remodeling is very different than rocking out on a stage, but it’s the change he needs to get his life straight again. Kenzie Michaels is a well-known spa manager, recruited to get the spa at The Monroe up and running, and she couldn’t be more different from Austin, in every way. She’s organized to the point of insanity where he’s more laid back, yet sparks soon fly between them – in all sorts of ways. Can they find a happy medium? Or will their differences drive them apart?

This is a delightful take on the opposites attract trope, and readers will be pulled in from the get-go. Austin hides his hurt and soft heart behind a wall of cynicism, yet he still manages to make the reader want to hug him. Kenzie is a spunky and fun heroine readers will admire more after learning her back story. Watching their relationship develop is heart-warming, and one can’t help but cheer as those sparks sizzle and set the pages on fire. Humor also plays a role, making this tale even more enjoyable. Austin and Kenzie make a fabulous couple, and cheers for no third-act breakup! Characters from Ms. Marti’s previous books in this series, and her Pacific Vista Ranch series make appearances which will thrill her fans, and make new readers want to go back and read each of their stories. Utterly enchanting, “Palm Springs King” is definitely one to add to the TBR pile! 

Piper Valentine