Opposites Ignite (Bangers Tavern Romance #2)


When the staff New Year’s after party turns into a sexy sleepover with her charmingly shy coworker, Rosie plans to make a break for it immediately upon waking. She’s thwarted when Eddie’s grandma arrives with breakfast and quickly assesses the situation. When Eddie asks her to pretend to be his girlfriend to placate his family, she agrees, but neither can afford to bring drama to work, so they must keep things quiet. Rosie believes a guy like Eddie would never stay with a girl like her, so she keeps her distance, but Eddie’s feelings are very real, and he has his work cut out convincing Rosie of his genuineness.

This book was filled with charming, colorful characters sure to appeal to a broad audience. Eddie and Rosie were opposites in every sense of the word, but the balance they brought each other was a lovely reminder of the beauty of cultivating relationships with other humans. These main characters did come off as very immature in many instances, and their conflict was mainly driven by lack of communication. This, along with the high angst, made this one read like a YA novel, but with steam. These characters presented a perfect occasion to examine feelings of insecurity and inadequacy that most can relate to, but this was never realized to its full potential due to that failure to communicate. Nonetheless, these characters are fun to root for and present some truly adorable grand romantic gestures that are sure to charm readers.

Niki Price