Once Upon a Wish


Delphine Baudry is trying to write her latest novel but inspiration seems to be eluding her, so she sits at a café hoping for it to begin zinging and she decides to throw a coin in a fountain to make a wish. Surprisingly, the coin connects with another at the same time before it falls into the water and the sign of good things to come zings loud and clear. The story of Candessa and Felix emerges all the while, Jean-Paul Chasseriau is captivated by the beautiful woman sitting at a table nearby with her laptop and is equally stunned when their coins collide. With his own goals of taking his Father's marketing company to new heights, he begins to find more reasons to connect with Delphine than his clients. A romance begins with a fountain, a coin and a wish.

A French café and the chance at love is an enticing start to this sweet contemporary romance. One feels as though they are are seated at the next table watching this story unfold. Delphine is a warm and inviting character with honest traits that make her very real. Too much detail into the writing/publishing world however, can deter the average readers attention as it pulls away from the main story. The romance that develops with Jean-Paul progresses at a comfortable rate and while, he does not come across as the most alluring of males, the appeal of them together is gratifying. Over all a pleasantly, light and easy read that just may encourage reader's to wish on a coin and a fountain.

Margaret Faria