Olympian Passion (Olympian Love Book 1)


Sabrina has been accepted for an internship at the Museum of Fine Arts. She is hoping to be placed in the antiquities department because her Master’s thesis is on Greek vessels. While she doesn’t get her dream placement, the department does set up time for her to meet with Dr. Nikos Soulis, a visiting archaeologist from Greece. Nikos is very happy to help her with her thesis. He is also more than happy to spend outside time with her. Sabrina falls in love with him, but knows she will be hurt when he has to return to Greece.

This is an interesting piece that has information about Greek vessels scattered throughout the story. Nikos and Sabrina are excellent characters that have real emotions and real life problems that endear them to the reader. Greek mythology is also prevalent in this tale which makes it a unique piece. Ms. Bailey’s writing skills are superb. Unfortunately, she doesn’t bring the secondary characters to life and they lay flat on the page. One never gets to fully know Nikos - he is an enigma. He has so many conflicts, but we are only allowed to peek at a few. The story ends as somewhat of a cliffhanger. It could be the end of the story, but then, it could be the beginning of another. The interaction between Nikos and Sabrina is delightful and makes one wonder what book two has in store.

Belinda Wilson