Oh, Baby (Prescription: Romance! #2)


Lena Shapiro is a 39-year-old surgeon who has dedicated her life to achieving her academic and professional goals. She has a secure partnership in a thriving medical practice, but shaky experiences with romantic relationships. Then she’s asked to mentor 31-year-old surgical fellow Adam Sterling. He’s laid back. She’s tense. She’s from a working-class family. He’s a member of the privileged elite. Their friction sparks fiery exchanges and explosive chemistry. 

Lena and Adam’s love story blends themes of older women and younger men, age-related fertility concerns, domestic violence, birth order personality expectations, and differences in social classes into a fresh, modern mix. Messy family conflicts and hard choices about charting the best career path engage the reader’s heart and mind. Jill Blake subtly incorporates threads about the importance of religious beliefs, the contributions of immigrants, and the contrasts in the points of view between first-generation citizens and Americans of multi-generational birth citizenship. The dialogue clips along. The sense of time and place accurately portrays the hectic lives of busy, talented, ambitious professionals. 

Strong writing mechanics and brisk pacing combined with a good balance of personal and professional crossroads, and layered characters add intensity. The supporting characters and secondary story lines are also well developed and unfold in surprising ways. “Oh, Baby” offers an entertaining balance of angst, humor, and heat about successful overachievers who find love when and where they least expect it!

Cardyn Brooks