Numbers Game

Desiree Holt,
Liz Crowe

Duncan “Hatch” Hatcher was a pro football player and then coach for a time, and now he is coaching at his university alma mater, with a failed career and a failed marriage under his belt. Olivia Grant has also experienced a failed marriage to a man who actively derailed her prior career, and is still trying to control it from the sidelines. She is trying to revive it by creating a thoughtful and well-researched documentary about Hatch. He is motivated to keep his private life out of the story, but is willing to share the rest with Olivia. Unfortunately, he has a few skeletons in his closet and he wants to keep it that way, but circumstances may be conspiring against him.

Both of these characters are flawed and motivated to succeed. They both have inner demons pushing them to do better and be better than they were before. The motivations and the flaws are spelled out for the reader, and each one struggles to overcome the things that brought them down in the past. This adds credibility to the story, while using a somewhat clichéd vehicle of delivery. The pacing and tension are steady; however, both ramp up occasionally when needed. The author paints vivid portrayals of the process involved in creating a quality documentary, lending added interest to this storyline. Both of these protagonists have a strong support system, leading to the expectation of success in the end. An enjoyable afternoon read!

Carey Sullivan