Not Quite Forever (Not Quite #4)


Romance author Dakota Laurens lives her love life through her writing and she doubts the validity of true love. Doctor Walt Eddy doesn’t have time for relationships; his life is dedicated to helping others. A chance meeting in a hotel convention room zaps both Walt and Dakota with a tingle of interest. Before they knew what hit them, lightning love had struck. Struggling with past demons, both need to come to terms with present realities, before their love can solidify. Time is both friend and foe. 


From the second Dakota Laurens appears on the page, the reader will be enraptured with her charisma. Whether she is sitting in the back of a police car at the airport, or gnawing on a pencil as she people watches in a bar, she is a brilliant star. As a character it is easy to see a story revolving around her. Walt Eddy is equally engaging as a character and could hold a story aloft entirely by himself. The collision of these two characters is a once in a lifetime astronomical event. The lives they live are completely opposite, yet brought together they complete each other. The suspense within the plot, only heightens the need to read more, to see if the characters overcome the demons haunting them. A strong supporting cast, fully developed story, and scorching heat level of romance, make the tale told one to remember. 


Penelope Anne Bartotto