Nora Roberts Land (Dare Valley #1)


Meredith Hale knows all about frogs. After all, her ex-husband is a prime example. But, she's sure there is such a thing as a happily ever after in this world, a love like those portrayed in the Nora Roberts' books she adores. So she sets out to prove it: she will go back to her hometown, find her dream man and write an article proving that Nora Roberts Land is real and kicking. There’s a tiny problem: the only man that resembles a Nora Roberts hero, the one she simply can't stop thinking about is a journalist, just like her slimy ex. What's a girl to do?


Tanner McBride is far from happy. He was blackmailed into coming to Dare Valley, so he devises a mission: seduce Meredith, and then leave her, making it impossible for her to write the article. If that isn't enough, there is something illegal happening in the small town, something sinister that could prove to be deadly. 


This is a feel good book that bears a lot of likeness to the Nora Robert’s books that the heroine is so fond of. Meredith and Tanner make for a great couple, even if there were some pretty rocky moments in their relationship. The downside in the story is their penchant for martyrdom, which tends to get old fast. Still, although annoying, it didn't subtract from the overall romance. This book also has a bevy of interesting secondary characters whose stories are bound to prove interesting. All in all, a remarkable start to a promising series! 


Ana Smith