Never Enough – Never2Late4Love, Book 1


Forced to sell her home to pay her late husband's debts, Amanda is ready to start over. But first she’s taking a vacation on San Bella Island before starting a chemical research job in Dallas. Frazzled from a brutal undercover assignment and encouraged to take a break, US Marshal Nicholas is also vacationing at the Florida resort. After a steamy night of passion, they both agree to a week’s long no-string fling. When the two see each other at Nick's family BBQ and end up in each other's arms again; they must decide if they should stick to their agreement to walk away or if their feelings are strong enough to recapture and build on what they found on the island.

"Never Enough" is a not for the faint of heart! This is a lusty, contemporary romance about two slightly broken people finding love during a vacation fling. The story is filled with lots of sex, bawdy dialogue, romantic scenery, and lots of sex... wait there's also parasailing, fireworks, and lots of sex! Readers may find lovers who can't keep their hands off each other exhausting while some may find it exhilarating. Readers may find bawdy expletive-filled dialogue offensive while some may find it adds to the naughtiness of the story. The sting of rejection and the near fatal dose of danger notches up the ‘will they overcome their baggage and make it work’ trope. However the added touch of little coincidences and adorable family characters provide a nice touch. Ms. Fraser's sensual strokes and fait accompli storytelling will have readers sipping an ice cold glass of Sex on the Beach and wanting more! more! more!

Tonya Mathenia