My Path to You (Courage of Krysset, Book 2)


When recovering addict Cass Donovan takes a job counseling high school students in small-town Krysset, Minnesota, the last thing she’s expects—or is ready for—is to fall for the town’s ruggedly handsome pharmacist, Dr. Sawyer Ferris. Having escaped an abusive ex-husband to make a new life for herself, Cass is unsure if love is in the cards. And she’s especially wary of a relationship with someone who has access to the drugs that nearly ruined her life. Sawyer has his own dark past and can’t see starting anything up with an addict. But, attraction makes its own rules, and against their better judgment, Cass and Sawyer fall for each other. The past, however, cannot easily be outrun or ignored. Can their new bond, powerful though it might seem, withstand the ravages of the past and the darkness of the present?

“My Path to You” is at times a heart-wrenching and suspenseful story with a message, told through the lives of two lively and likeable characters. Ms. Carley’s smooth prose flows easily, putting reader into the cold and snow of a rising Minnesota winter and the dramas and traumas of high school. The story gets off to a bit of a slow start with a long diatribe by Sawyer inveighing against drug misuse and the lack of education on the subject. Once Cass and Sawyer set eyes on each other the flames of attraction leap to life, and their sexy interactions are deliciously intimate. The passions and traumas of the minor characters provide some of the most heart-rending moments. Some repetitiveness slightly mars an otherwise powerfully dramatic tale. Sexy and suspenseful!

Marc Joseph