My Montana Valentine (The Millers of Marietta #1)

Small town Marrietta, Montana, is the place where the Miller siblings decide to relocate from Sacramento, California, after losing their parents in an auto accident. Vivian is a doctor and needed to leave the hospital where she was working, due to an uncomfortable situation with a superior. Her sister has always dreamed of opening a Bed & Breakfast Inn, and found a great place to do it in Marietta. Their brother, Mitch, is supportive of his sisters, and while determined to write his novel, has taken a teaching job. Aiden O’Sullivan is visiting his aunt, he twists his ankle and is whisked to the ER for care by Dr. Vivian Miller. Aiden’s aunt, ‘the matchmaker’, pushes the introduction. Aiden may have found his feel good story, and a possible date for the annual Valentine’s Ball.
“My Montana Valentine” introduces readers to the Miller siblings who all have an alluring draw in their own way. The continued commitment to each other that the three share is a comfort for their pain and loss. Starting over in a new place is not a new plot idea, however, this new beginnings story offers feel good vibes. The matchmaking aunt is very cleverly written, and the bonds forged and friendships made are refreshing. While the Valentine Ball is the focus of the feel good small town story, it’s truly so much more, and readers will be delighted with both the tale’s tempo and its outcome. This first book in the Miller series will draw readers in and make them want to learn more about the other Miller siblings. Bundle up and warm your hearts with book one!
Viola Robbins