Mountain Blaze


When Diana starts struggling with her choice to marry her long-term boyfriend Trent, she accepts the invitation from her best friend Jenn to accompany her home to North Carolina for Thanksgiving, so she can get away from wedding pressure and figure out if she’s made the right decision. Jenn’s cousin, Dillion McCoy, a rodeo star going through a messy divorce, decides to hide out on his family’s ranch for a while, trying to decide what to do with his life. Sparks soon fly between Diana and Dillion, and as much as they both fight it, being together seems inevitable. When strange things start happening at the ranch, and Diana and Dillion’s relationship is in full swing, will Dillion be able to save his family legacy and keep Diana safe from those who seek to do harm to both of them?

Well, Ms. Grahl has a winner on her hands with this one! Well told with believable relationships, sizzling chemistry, enjoyable secondary characters, a mystery and a hint of the mystical, “Mountain Blaze” is completely un-put-down-able! Seeing Diana become who she wants to be, and not who her parents have forced her to be is utterly enchanting. Dillion is a swoony hunk of cowboy, oozing charm and sex appeal. There is an element of cheating here that some readers may not like. However, the chemistry between Dillon and Diana feels authentic and believable. The whodunit element will keep the reader up until the wee hours, and the added supernatural twist will leave readers with dropping jaws. An absolutely gripping and thoroughly enjoyable read from start to finish.

Katy Nielsen