Monica Beggs


Monica Beggs is the world's most recognizable porn star, so it comes as no surprise when Finn Daniels immediately recognizes her famous face at the airport. What is a surprise, however, are the four thugs tailing her. Finn’s former ops instincts kick into overdrive and his natural inclination is to protect his adult film crush. After coercing one of the goons to tell him who they’re working for, Finn discovers a Colombian drug lord wants Monica as his sex slave, and gave orders to have her kidnapped. Monica’s bedroom skills may be unequaled, but is she about to pay the highest price for her on-screen talents?


“Monica Beggs” is a fast-paced, gripping story that thrusts readers right into the action. Extremely well written, with a compelling story line and multi-layered characters the heart-pounding action, heady romance and a despicable villain all combine to make one explosive tale that is not for the faint of heart! Although from the outside looking in it seems as if Monica has everything going for her, she’s still insecure. Her belief that her sexual history makes her damaged goods lends to her relatability. Finn Daniels is a dominant alpha male with a soft side. It’s clear that his sense of duty and responsibility are an indisputable throwback to his military days. The humorous banter coupled with the scorching chemistry between Moni and Finn make for an unputdownable read. Suspenseful and with sex scenes hot enough to scorch the page, Ms. Fredricks certainly has a knack for luring the reader in and leaving one wanting more! 


Chantel Hardge