Modern Girls Guide to Vacation Flings


ROMANTIC COMEDY:  How many people do you meet while flying that then end up on the same cruise?  Matt Carver felt it was fate (and his salvation) when Beth Riley ended up on the same floating vacation.  The vacation to celebrate Matt's parents' anniversary is going to be the end of him.  His mother will not stop trying her hand at matchmaking. Matt enlists Beth to pose as his girlfriend to avoid his mother’s ministrations. With Beth dodging her own family to relax before her sister’s wedding - to Beth’s ex-boyfriend, no less! - a brief kiss of thanks with Matt turns steamy and lands her in another family’s drama. Can she negotiate the outcome with Matt as well as she did the terms of her fake relationship?

Modern Girls Guide to Vacation Flings” is the first installment of a series. This original, lighthearted and steamy contemporary romance will have the reader turning the pages rapidly. With just a hint of a back-story that unfolds at a steady pace, Matt and Beth are intelligent, witty, and engaging enough characters to move the reader through the story steadily. In addition, since neither Matt nor Beth are looking for permanent relationships and lying to Matt’s family seems second nature, there are enough bullets to dodge besides their avoidance of a budding romance. While there appears to be a few words missing here and there, readers will not be distracted from this quirky tale. 

Roberta Gordon