Missing Pieces


*Strong Caution*: This book contains scenes of abuse that readers might find difficult to read.


Mandy Wexler’s soul has been systematically torn to pieces since she was a baby.  The victim of unspeakable abuse, she is emotionally hollow and physically maimed by her experience.  Michael Skyler is a young man who feels apart from his friends and family.  Longing for an ineffable something to make him feel whole, he is as surprised as anyone at his attraction for Mandy.  Looking into her eyes, he realizes that he must save her from the evil that is slowly consuming her soul.


“Missing Pieces” is a book with staying power.  The reader is often torn between hope that Michael will save Mandy and disgust at how he allows her to treat him. The story is enigmatic and complex, raising many questions in the reader’s mind along the way. Who is the true victim in this relationship; Michael or Mandy?  Is the path they embark on in their journey of love the best thing for each of them? 


This story is emotionally uncomfortable and an often distasteful journey into the varied nature of relationships which includes a lot of sexual violence.  Difficult to classify, the story challenges the reader’s assumptions regarding the synergy between abuser and victim.  Although, it is well written, the story drags at times as Mandy and Michael’s emotional gymnastics become almost too much to bear. If the reader is looking for a challenging read, then “Missing Pieces” is a good fit.


Gwenellen Tarbet