Miranda Nights

Gail Ward Olmsted

Miranda Quinn is the perfect example of rising above challenges. Two years ago her life completely imploded, and she lost almost everything. But now she is married to the love of her life, has a very successful podcast, loyal friends, and a fabulous home. Her world seems perfect… until it all suddenly unravels. First her beloved friend’s son is arrested for sexual assault, then a family member lands in the hospital and finally a crazy caller is suddenly evolving into a scary stalker - one that is destroying her career and threatening her life! As things become more and more dangerous, Miranda knows only that she will fight with everything she has to keep those she loves and the life she deserves.

With witty banter and warmth, this fast-paced ride of a read keeps one laughing as the tension builds and the pressure increases! The characters are delightfully nuanced and real, with challenges that are believable and, at times, heart-wrenching. Miranda and Eric are both characters that quickly endear themselves to any reader and their relationship is something to sigh for! The plot does inundate the reader with multiple main plot lines rather than one with secondary threads added, until a reader isn’t sure where the over-all focus of the storyline is supposed to be. Also, the stalker aspect holds to the hugely overused religious fanatic cliché that lacks creativity. Even so, the writing style is truly delightful and the characters are so enjoyable that the reading experience is all kinds of fun, right through the last page turned!

Ruth Lynn Ritter