The Millionaire Mountain Climber


Matt Hanley is a former investment manager turned adventurer who craves adrenaline and the outdoors. When his business partner at their country hotel gets injured, he needs a replacement, and soon. Hailey Gordon has zero interest in an adventurous lifestyle. She wants stability and predictability. But when she loses her job and her boyfriend on the same day, she finds the perfect escape in the form of a holiday job in France. When Hailey meets Matt, she feels an almost instant attraction toward him. But not only is Matt her boss, he’s also everything she always said she could never fall for—adventurous, daring, dangerous. Can Hailey let go of her fears and choose the more dangerous road for once?

This story certainly fits the bill of an opposites-attract tale. Hailey and Matt couldn’t be more different. Fans of instant-love will like the sparks flying right away between the main characters, but those who prefer a slow-burn romance will be a tad disappointed by how fast these two seem to connect. Not that they don’t have some chemistry, but the fact that they’re so different is what actually makes their romance hard to believe. The plot wasn’t all that original and at times, even a tad predictable. It didn’t stand out in its genre, and while it was an enjoyable read, it was not take-my-breath-away amazing. Still, it is a pretty good story, and it’s entertaining to follow Hailey as she tries to deny the feelings she so obviously has. 

Majanka Verstraete