Midsummer Solstice


Naida needs a place to hide – after her mother died she fled from her father who was forcing her into an arranged marriage she did not want. She comes to a small village on the Cornish coast – and meets the Tregartha family who offer her a place to stay. That’s all swell, but there is something simply not right with that family. Not to mention that they have lots of slightly scary legends and myths that they actually seem to believe in. And then there’s Howard, the handsome fisherman who saved her life. Can she find happiness and safety before her past catches up with her?

An intriguing romance enhanced with myths and legends! Naida and Howard suit each other well – while there was a fair amount of jumping to conclusions, they managed to cut through all the obstacles that separated them from each other. Unfortunately, there were issues with the writing – the style itself is awkward, and is more of the tell than show kind. Also, there were some editing issues – missing punctuation mostly, that made the book hard to read. Neither were most of the characters well developed – again, the reader is told rather than shown what they are like. All in all, a promising story line that, with some dedicated work, could make for a much more pleasing read!

Ana Smith