Masquerade (Andalucian Nights #2)



1970's:  Luz Maria Cervantes de Rueda comes from one of the oldest and most respected families in Spain.  After a long sojourn in England to complete her schooling, she is looking forward to finally settling down for good in the country of her birth.  Her plans are simple; start a satisfying career and begin her new life as an accomplished independent young woman.  However, a young green-eyed gypsy named Leandro soon throws her plans and her emotions into chaos.

Enter the equally handsome dark-eyed millionaire Andres.  Despite his air of mystery and his reputation for aloofness, something about him calls to Luz.  Torn between two completely different men, Luz does not know where her heart and her passion lie.

The landscape of “Masquerade” is lush and the author’s use of imagery is skillful.  One can almost feel the soft wind of Spain and smell the tangy fruit of the orange trees as the story unfolds.  Indeed, the reader is transported into the dual world of Spanish aristocracy and the gypsies by Ms. Fielding’s prose.  The story is rich and full of passion as Luz is torn between the two men who vie for her heart and her body. The characters are at once romantic and realistically complex and fascinating. The only glitch is Luz's confusing switch in personality near the end. Ms. Fielding adds expert pacing to her story telling, ensuring that the mysteries that surround her characters are revealed at just the right time in the story.  Nicely done!